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Blooket is a live review game that can be used in the classroom. The teacher hosts the game and students can join in from their devices.

Blooket's uniqueness lies in the many game modes available and the motivation students have to continue learning. Students can create an account to earn tokens by answering questions. These tokens can be used to unlock new Blooks (avatars).

Blooket for Teachers

Blooket for Teachers

Blooket is a success in every grade Blooket is easy to use in the classroom. Different classes have different preferences and play styles. You can use Blooket to study vocabulary and prepare for a test.

Teachers can't tell students which answers they chose in each mode. They can however tell when students are working in groups, such as Battle Royale and Classic. Because different modes can ask the same questions, students may choose to answer differently from what they see.

Teachers receive lots of additional information. Teachers can see incorrect answers to questions by students so they can identify potential points of confusion. Teachers can also view general analysis, such as student scores and accuracy percentages.

Blooket requires a large screen for hosting. A laptop is generally recommended. The group can be joined by students on any device including smartphones, iPads, and Chromebooks.

Blooket can be used for all important features. Blooket allows you to host up 60 students and can be used to create unlimited question sets. Blooket Plus lets you create unlimited question sets, and can even copy questions sets. They can be organized in folders.

How can I join the BlooketLive Game

These codes will allow you to join a Blooket game live.

  1. Start your internet browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the link to “Join a Game”.
  4. This can be found on the left-hand screen, near the “Blooket” logo.
  5. A new page will be found.
  6. Copy and paste below the Blooket ID codes.
  7. Log in to your Google account
  8. Blooket can have a separate account to enable you to play in the games.
  9. To enjoy the game, follow the instructions.
  10. That's it. This is how your kids will learn the game.

What is Blooket Game?

Blooket is an online game that combines learning and fun. To advance to the next level, students must enter a Blooket and provide a code. The game's unique mode makes it easy to lose yourself in all the different games. There are two main game modes: racing or learning. Racing mode will require you to answer five questions in a short time, while learning mode only requires you answer one question.

Both students and teachers can access hosted games. These games can be played on the same websites as other games. Students can create an account to save their progress. Students can also access the hosted games. All participants must register to host a Blooket. Teachers can upgrade their Plus account for more detailed reporting. The Wiki has more information about hosting a Blooket. You will find information about the game's Game Modes as well as the Fandom Discord Server.

Students can participate in battle royales or races while playing World of Blooket. They also have the option to build factories. Players can create an account to keep track of their stats and make the game more interactive. Students can log in to choose a Blook avatar and earn Blooket tokens. They can also view their ranking on the global leaderboard. Students can learn new things by playing the game's exciting and unique game modes.

Teachers can also create their own Blookets with Blooket. Teachers can search for or create their own Blookets through the website. Students can share their Blooket codes through forums or Google Classroom after completing the process. Students can then begin the game once they have their Blooket codes. They can then invite their friends and classmates to join them in the fun. The amount of gold collected can determine the winner.

Blooket is a great tool to supplement the teaching of English. Blooket is a better alternative to traditional quizzes. It helps students overcome their fears and learn new skills. The student's answers will determine their score. For a trivia game, students must correctly answer all questions to win. A bonus will be given to the student who answers all questions correctly. Teachers will also receive a code to use with their students.

Blooket players have the option to ask their friends to join them. The winner is the player who correctly answers all questions. The best player in the game must answer each question correctly. There are many types of Blooket, including multiplayer. To play, the player must have an internet-connected smartphone or tablet. The game can be downloaded for free and is available in many languages.

You must be at least 13 years old to play this game. You can register as a student if you are younger than 13. You must be at the least thirteen years of age if you are not in the United States. Your username and type can be changed later but your account cannot be made public. You can however create a teacher account if you're a teacher. A teacher account can be used as well.

Blooket is easy to use. Once you've registered, you can add questions by simply typing them in. You can import questions from Quizlet and create your own question. Blooket can import question sets from other websites like Quizlet. You can also download Quizlet quizzes. This feature allows users to export quizzes from Quizlet to Blooket to use as classroom resources.

Blooket supports both teacher and student accounts. Students can purchase and sell blooks while teachers can present the interface to students. You can play the Blooket game with a whiteboard, or project it on a projector. You have the option to upload and create your questions or import one from an online database. The Blooket website allows teachers to create questions to be used in the game.