Gimkit – Gimkit Play

Gimkit is a quiz-learning tool for teachers and students. It was developed by students. You can create “kits” which are interactive learning games to make quizzes. You have the option to create a new question, import a Quizlet quiz or save a CSV file. To modify quizzes, you can also copy them from Gimkit's gallery. If you need to add questions or answer options, follow the prompts. You must create class rosters and assign student kit within the specified time frame. Quizzes must be completed by students at their own pace and within the given deadline.

Quizzes designed to help students identify their strengths and earn them money. The Gimkit dashboard is a place where students can track their progress, earnings, as well as other forms of data. You can create unlimited Kits and all core features are free. In a live game, you can only have five people.

What is GimKit?


Gimkit is a classroom quiz that makes learning fun and engaging. Teachers can get useful data on their students' performance, and students can participate in a game-show-like environment. Gimlet was entirely created by students at Seattle high schools.

Gimkit was developed by a high school student. Students must answer multiple choice questions correctly in order to earn money. They can use the money to buy power-ups or upgrades to be the best player in their class.

Gimkit, a classroom response system that was created by a high school student, incorporates game show mechanics in order to create an engaging learning platform for students as well as teachers.

This game was created by Josh Feinsilber. This game is similar to Kahoot, but students earn money by correctly answering questions.

Josh is a junior at Seattle High School, which encourages interns and projects. After learning that Kahoot wasn't liked by teachers, he started to think about the game. It was launched in April 2017. It was launched at the end of October 2017. Gimkit adds a lot of spice to classroom games. I love Kahoot and so will my students.

Gimkit's simplicity of use is what attracted me to the site from the beginning. I discovered the site last Thursday morning at 6 :45 a.m. My students arrived at class at 8 :15 a.m. and I was able play the first round with them. The teacher creates an account, then sets up groups. They then create a “kit.” Either you can create questions and answer from scratch, or use a Quizlet list. You can also import a CVS file. The entire process takes just seconds. It was created by a teacher who has been a teacher for 34 years and has done extensive research on how to assist teachers in setting up games. Gimkit uses large fonts to help teachers avoid misspellings. The dashboard allows you to edit the groups. Gimkit Basic allows you to create three sets. This should give you an overview of how Gimkit works.

The dashboard allows teachers to select their Gimkit kits. The next step is to choose play. They then make sure they open the correct group and put the code on their board. The teacher will then start the game and students can join in. Students can be given a time limit or a fixed amount of money.

Gimkit Live

Gimkit Live can be used in classrooms to review and introduce concepts. It is a combination of Kahoot, Quizlet and has unique features. Gimkit Live is fast-paced and engaging. Gimkit Live functions more like flashcards when used as an independent practice. It is easy to get started. You can search for question sets (or kits) that have been created by others, and then you can copy them or modify them for yourself.

Gimkit Live allows you to import question sets from other flash card platforms or spreadsheets. KitCollab lets students submit questions to help create a kit. You can quickly insert interactive review games into any lesson with minimal preparation. The assignment feature allows you to assign homework to teachers. Students can work at their own pace, answering questions until they achieve a goal. Teachers can also use the assignment feature to assign homework.

To get started with Gimkit, you will need to create an account. Gimkit comes in two versions: one free and one paid.

No-cost Account

All core features and five kit access are free. This is in contrast to paid subscriptions which offer a 14-day or 30-day free trial. You can access your five free kits at any time.

Premium Account

You have unlimited access to all core features and unlimited kits. You can choose to pay monthly or annually. You can also get a bulk discount for entire campuses.

There are two options for creating a kit. You can either start from scratch, or import from Quizlet.

Gimkit lets you import questions and answers from Quizlet, or other teachers. Once you have created your questions or imported from Quizlet or a CVS to create your kit, you can add a fun.gif on your title page.

Gimkit Play

All subjects can use Gimkit as a formative assessment. Pretests can be made and students may opt out of introductory assignments. This will allow them to choose from other options, such as research projects or multimedia presentations. An interactive whiteboard can be used to project a quiz and share it with the class. Discuss the questions and then create a discussion forum. The data from student quizzes can be used as a guide to instruction for both individuals and whole classes. You can also import quizzes from Quizlet. Gimkit can be placed in a “center” or “station”, where students rotate through for one week to reach the limit of live game students.

Gimkit is a game for the classroom. It requires knowledge, collaboration and strategy to win.


Students can answer questions at their own pace and on their own devices. Each student will be exposed to the question multiple times throughout a Kit to help them master it.


Answering questions correctly earns students in-game cash. Be careful! An incorrect answer can cost you your game cash.


Upgrades and powerups are a great way for students to reinvest their money. Students can choose from over 2.5 million combinations to make the right purchase.

Other things

Powerful Data

Gimkit creates a report after every game. It details what your class needs. You can create individual reports to assist specific students.


Gimkit can be used in more than one classroom setting. Gimkit can be used for your homework assignments that are automatically graded.


KitCollab empowers students to be in control of their learning. Each student contributes a question to build the Kit.

Gimkit for Teachers

Gimkit Live can be used in any classroom to introduce or review concepts; it's like a mashup of Kahoot! and Quizlet, but with some unique features neither have. The live gameplay is fast-paced and engaging, but when it's assigned for independent practice, Gimkit Live functions more like flash cards.

Getting started is easy; search for kits (question sets) created by other users and copy/modify them for your own use. You can also import existing question sets into Gimkit Live from other flash card platforms or a spreadsheet. Students can help you build a kit in minutes by submitting their own questions using the KitCollab feature.

This makes it easy to insert an interactive review game into your lesson with minimal prep. Teachers can also use the assignments feature to give homework. Teachers set a due date, and students work through the kit at their own pace, answering questions until they reach a set goal.

Should You Use Gimkit?

Gimkit Live is a great game show app that's familiar to those who have used it before. Although it looks very similar to other quiz platforms, you can discover some interesting features by doing some research. The money and power-ups will be perhaps the most intriguing features for students. Students can earn and lose money while playing, which they can “invest” in power-ups or upgrades.

You can get second chances, or increase your earning potential to make more money for each correct answer. Power-ups can be disabled if they are distracting. However, they make the game more interesting and random. Gimkit Live was designed by a high school student. The experience is student-centered, even though it's intended for teachers.

Gimkit Live offers many game modes. Some of these are only available for a short time. The Classic and Team modes are simple, while others are inspired from popular games like “The Floor is Lava”, Humans Vs Zombies”, or “Trust No One”. It may take some time to find the right balance. If the games in the game become distracting, you can use the set-up options and adjust the platform to your classroom.

Remember that the post-game report will show two sets of results. These are how students did in the game and their answers to the questions. Students can have poor gameplay skills but a great understanding of academic content due to random game events.